English Language Courses

Work has been done between Better World for Community Development and Al-Naqaa Association to enhance the English language skills for Syrian and Jordanian adolescence to prepare them to enter the workforce and to build their confidence by teaching them to express themselves in the best way possible. The courses held were 3 different courses in the time span of three months for 20 students. It has led to great and noticeable results and benefit in the students English Language skills.

Repairing of tanks

Work has been done to rebuild the pre-installed water tanks to provide the camp residents with clean drinking water. These tanks were previously wrecked after being exposed to extreme wind. The project was implemented in cooperation with a local company called (camel express) The project was executed according to high quality engineering specifications. And the number of tanks reached five tanks.

Water distribution and supervision contract

Due to the fact that Al-Rukban camp is located in a deserted area on the Jordanian-Syrian border and due to the scarcity of water resources there, in addition to the spread of diseases from the use of contaminated water, Better World organization signed an agreement with UNICEF to oversee the distribution of water inside al-Rukban camp.
Better World selected individuals from inside the camp as volunteers representing all clans within the camp and distributed them to fifteen points with 10 taps from each point.
Regular maintenance of the taps and inspection of water quality is carried out. A daily water inspection for PH and DPD are made. A daily report on water quality is submitted from the Project Manager to Better World Organization.
Due to the presence of elderly people and people with special needs, and the inconvenience of their transportation, in addition to the children and women that also need help going to the taps, a free means of transport for these groups was provided after a full study of the camp.

Waste disposal

Due to the spread of waste and dirt inside the camp and the absence of any means of collecting waste, this led to the spread of insects and the emergence of various skin diseases that affect the refugees. Better world has signed a one month agreement with UNICEF to clean the camp. The camp has a population of 120 thousand people distributed on a thousand tents and mud houses.
And based on that agreement, Better World built 50 containers to collect the waste throughout the camp, in addition to that, Better World recruited a staff of volunteers consisting of (15) people to collect and transport waste from inside the containers into (2) Tractors , which transport the waste outside the camp and dispose it by landfill. An educational session was held for the camp residents on the importance of their cooperation in the collection of waste and placing it inside the containers.

Distribution of Education kits

Better World has conducted studies and statistics for the number of schools, students and teachers in the camp. It was found that there are 26 schools in which 2700 students attended, and there was a lack of stationery and a curriculum.
Better World organization distributed school supplies to all students in these schools. These supplies contained: whiteboards, pens, rulers, educational curriculum, etc. ( 2837 kit ) The UNICEF curriculum was distributed, it consists of (English, Arabic, Science, Mathematics) Designed for the first, second and third primary stages.


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